What We Do

We organize Earth’s essential data of land, food, water & energy, making it accessible and useful. We unlock the voice inside every acre.

Land, food, water, and energy are earths essential natural resources used to power the world and our lives. However, the data of these resources is disaggregated, inaccessible, hard to utilize and thus making it of little or no use. As essential as they are, these vast amounts of data had no way to be turned into useful information…until now.

Through its cloud-based software application, Athena enables the automation of burdensome compliance and sustainability reporting requirements, saving a lot of time and hassle. Then by leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) tools Athena drives value and transparency through the supply chain from improving yields, optimizing production practices and achieving sustainability goals.

Business Intelligence For Earth

With shifting climate patterns, constrained resources and increasing demand from financial and consumer markets for transparency the need for this data is now critical for businesses to use for operational decision making. Easy access and collaboration from this information is essential in driving a necessary evolution in the food supply system from the ground up. Now the proper alignment of people, planet and profits can be informed by Athena’s voice of the acre.

Automated Reporting & Compliance

We reduce operational burdens through automation of various compliance and sustainability reports.

Simple Data Agregation

We leverage our proprietary database design and AI to ensure that all of your data is in a single place. Integration is simple and efficient.

Powerful AI

We leverage AI services in improving crop yield, optimizing production efficiencies, and achieving sustainability goals.

Simple Collaborative Experience

We know that you work with a variety of stakeholders. No matter what your specialty is in the supply chain, Athena delivers continuous value.


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Powerful Insights. Welcome to the Internet of Earth.

Intelligence at your fingertips.

Our business intelligence application makes it easy for companies and organizations managing food, water, or energy production to analyze the risks and opportunities in their supply chain by combining natural resources, processing/manufacturing, and production practice data. By enabling the utilization of existing data and allowing for easier capture of new data, we unlock the value in the supply chain’s data and make it simple for companies to manage their resources more intelligently.

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